ADI training costs Part 1



We may be able to provide classes to complete this part of the qualification. 

This is completely depends on numbers and requests and the costs below reflect this option. 

However most people prefer to complete this part independently

 thus saving on overall qualification costs. 

We do offer support with this if you sign up and purchase a Part 2 course.


Part 1 costs:


Part 1 consists of 3 modules each of 6 hours duration (use link here for details of each module)

 ADI Part 1 Course Details

Module 1. 

Introduction to part 1, documentation checks, theory questions ~ £144.00


Module 2.

Evaluation of session 1, review set work, theory questions ~ £144.00


Module 3.

Combining all parts of process, hazard perception, mock tests, workshop ~ £144.00


Total cost

If modules are booked individually ~ £432.00


Total cost

If all modules booked, discounted total cost ~ £400.00


(Discount saving £32.00 off individual booking costs)


Unlike some ADI training courses that will leave you to study in isolation for this part of the process of qualification, WE DON'T!
With our support we can clarify any issues or concerns. We actively encourage the "Buddy" system of training, Not everyone wishes this, so we will do our best to find a "study buddy" so that you can interact and help each other through training for all parts of the qualification process.


Once you have joined us as we promote the "buddy" system on-line, submit a request for a training buddy through our site.


Note: Courses are subject to availability and booking numbers, this enables us to offer this depth of Part 1 support (However if waiting times prohibit completion of part 1 in class you will still have support to complete this)

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