ADI training costs Part 3

Part 3 costs 

Module 1.

An Introduction to part 3. Core Competencies, Teminolgy ~ 

Module 2.

Review and introduction of  Lesson planning, I.C.R.O.M.P.S. Client centred learning ~ 

Module 3.

Recapping, Levels of instruction, Control and Q & A with Client centred learning ~ 

Module 4.

Review practice log, lesson plans, phase 2 pupils ~ £165.00

Module 5.

Evaluation of all lesson plans, coaching,  get the pupil to "teach themselves", and paperwork ~ 

Module 6.

Developement of all skill sets, subjects and preparing for mock test ~ 

Module 7.

Review and issues, further development and practice, evaluation with full mock test ~

Total cost

If all modules are booked in advance,  cost ~ £1680.00

(Individually booked modules and sessions may be booked at a cost of

 £42.00 per hour


By far the most popular choice is individual module booking, with the course spread over potentially 6/9 months depending on PDI commitment and progress.

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