Learner Driver "Supervision Session"

Supervising a Learner adidrivertrainingandeducation.com
This session is designed for parents to better help a Learner Driver 
with "private practice" in between driving lessons with an instructor.


The Law and other things about helping Learner drivers practice.

If you are thinking of helping a Learner driver to "practice" things taught in a Driving lesson.
 Then there are some things worth knowing:


Helping a Learner driver important things to know 

  • To supervise a "Learner" the lawful requirements are: Over 21 years of age, have held a full UK Licence for more than 3 years and valid for the class of vehicle used for the supervision. If you hold an "Automatic" licence category then you will NOT be able to supervise a Learner in a manual vehicle.
  • YOU are liable for any driving offenses committed by the Learner under your supervision, if "flashed" with a speed enforcement camera then you get the "points" as well (it would come under aiding and abetting an offence)
  • Are YOU correctly insured for the vehicle used for practice?, you will need to check with your insurance company for this.
  • Don't get into the "blame game" if the Learner gets into a difficult situation the fault may lay with you, as an experienced driver you should have seen it first! We will guide you on how to ask the right question at the right time.
  • Road conditions and teaching methods have changed considerably since you passed your driving test with a higher standard of driving needed to pass today's test. With the "Supervision Session", we will inform you of those changes, what we don't want is the "Harry Enfield's" character coming through.. "You don't do it like that you do it like this!"
  • Don't get into an argument. With our School, be assured that we teach with modern methods,
  • Modern training materials, and modern vehicles (our vehicles have 7 Airbags and a steel construction) and pupils are correctly taught. (see "Our Cars" tab)
  • We will take you on a typical driving route similar to an actual test route.
  • We will guide you on the typical manoeuvres and observations that need carrying out to complete the test successfully.

adidrivertrainingandeducation.com offers for learners Learner driver Supervision Session cost:


£60.00 (This session is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours duration, 

depending on need, 


including the drive and de-brief and your questions answered)



With this small investment for your peace of mind and for the best way to make the learner's practice beneficial and hopefully decrease the amount of lessons paid for overall. 
Remember the DVSA recommends at least 47 hours professional tuition. 
With at least 20 hours private practice to enable today's pupil to take the practical test successfully.


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