nervous driver  Nervous Driver Assessment Session

Nervous about having driving lessons? Been put off in the past with an Instructor moaning at every little error? Didn't feel comfortable? not feeling that confident about driving? Feel you are being told what to do, but not why?
Well, let us help you overcome that feeling. You will find our trainers' welcoming, non-judgemental, friendly and above all, sympathetic!
Driving lessons should have a fun factor, as well as teaching driving skills that will see you safe, and competent to drive without the fear factor.
We will assess (not test) where your skills are at the moment, give honest, constructive feedback and work out a learning schedule with you. We will work with you and at your pace, we will determine your learning style, working with that to help you achieve your goals.
Don't be put off by the experiences that you may have had in the past, take advantage of our  taster session to determine if you think we train as differently as we know we do (Conditions apply see below)
Contact us to see when we can arrange your assessment

(The assessment  for approximately 30-45 minutes with a one hour remedial lesson booked and paid for, and run concurrently. 

This enables us to determine how best to help you 

in obtaining your full driver's licence

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