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Parent helping learner driver,adidrivertrainingandeducation.com  Learner driver Lessons (with parental help) 

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adidrivertrainingandeducation.com offers for learners The idea?, giving the parent / guardian, a role in the learning programme of our pupils. These lessons have a use with a "nervous" driver, with the parent / guardian's presence in the rear of the vehicle may help this type of pupil with confidence to complete the lessons, until such time as their confidence and expertise enable them to "enjoy" the lessons on their own.
It also enables the parent / guardian the opportunity to evaluate progress and if coupled with our "Supervision" session makes "private practice" with a Learner more useful, and indeed speed up progress in reaching the required standards, and "driving sense" required to pass the practical test. Also saving on overall costs of the complete driving course.
The interaction / support? as regularly as you like from every lesson to the occasional "sit in"
The one stipulation for these sessions, if you have any questions, comments etc, discussion of these is at the lesson end, that way the lesson is not disrupted. Again you will probably have fewer questions if you take our "Supervision Session".


FREE!  for the parent.




This interaction may prompt you to "brush up" your own driving skills by taking one of our "Special Driving Course" options.



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