The 4th of June 2018 an IMPORTANT Day for the Learner Driver


On this day a major change to motoring law comes into force. For the first time Learner Drivers will be able to take lessons on British motrways!!!!



Important for the Learner to know.


  • The lessons will be on a voluntary basis
  • The lessons can only be delivered by a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor
  • Lessons will probably be of two to three hour duration and will help with driver fatigue
  • PDI's (Potential Driving Instructors) Cannot deliver motorway lessons
  • The motorway lesson is at the discretion of the Driving Instructor
  • These lessons are most likely to be offered when the pupil is nearing test readiness
  • These lessons will incur additional costs above normal lesson rates
  • Private practice (without an ADI (Approved Driving Instuctor) is NOT allowed
  • Highway Code rule 253 will change to reflect this


Lessons will include

  • How to Join the motorway safely
  • How leave the motorway safely
  • Slip roads and how to use them
  • Lane discipline and the law
  • Safe distance and holdback procedure
  • Planning and dealing with other vehicles
  • Planning a journey and weather considerations
  • Vehicle checks
  • Overtaking safely
  • Dealing with road works and diversion's, and diversion signage
  • Speed limits, advisory and compulsary
  • When and how to make use of the hard shoulder
  • Reporting breakdowns and other issues
  • Signs, road markings, overhead gantry signs
  • Signs on central reservations
  • Coloured stud meanings
  • Hazard light uses
  • How to combat motorway fatigue
This list is by no means exhaustive and serves as a guide to just some of the topics that will be taught


An understanding of how motorways work and arguably are some of the safest roads to drive on.
Statistics show that only approximately 4% of all road traffic crashes happen on the  motorway, and account for 5% of all fatalities. However when they do happen they tend to be more serious due to the high speed factors involved.

Contact us via our mail links or call us to discuss your requirements, we consider taking pupil's from other schools that may not offer motorway tuition.