Part 3 Test of Instructional ability

The aim of the new Part 3 test is based around a more realistic platform of assessment. Previously the test was conducted with the Examiner "role playing" the part of a pupil for two levels of pupil ability. The  Part three test now consists of a "real pupil" given a lesson on a choice of subjects.  Flexability of the test caters for a delivered lesson other than listed provided this is made clear to the examiner prior to commencement of the test. The criteria is that pupil can not be an ADI or a PDI that has passed the Part 2 qualification of driving ability. The pupil may be of any ability including a full Licence holder.


The theme of the lesson should be given to the Examiner along with the pupil's name an outline about the level of development, number of hours training they have had and, if applicable, shown the Pupil's training log. After introducing the Examiner to the pupil the Examiner will position themselves in the rear passenger seat behind the pupil during the lesson given and take no active participation in the lesson.


The Examiner's marking and ultimate grading will be carried out and marked under 4 main headings. Each of the four areas are subsequently divided in sub categories and marked with regard to competence. 0 to 3 where 0 is no evidence demonstrated and where 3 is evidence demonstrated in all elements. These scores are then added together to give an overall grade. There is a requirement in the "Risk Management" category to achieve a required mark, if the PDI scores 7 or less within this area it will result in a "Fail" of the test regardless of all other marks achieved.

1. Lesson planning

2. Risk management.

3. Teaching and learning strategies.

4. Review.

A look at these areas in more detail

1 Lesson Planning


Did the PDI identify the Pupil's learning needs and goals?

Was the agreed lesson structure appropriate for the Pupil's experience and ability?

Were the practice areas suitable?

Was the lesson plan adapted, when appropriate, to help the Pipil to work towards the learning goals?


Risk management


Did the PDI ensure that the Pupil understood how responsibility for risk would be shared?

Were directions and instructions given by the PDI to the Pupil clear and in good time?

Was the PDI aware of the surroundings and the Pupil's actions?

Was any verbal or physical intervention by the PDI timely and appropriate?

Was sufficient feedback given to help the Pupil understand any potential safety critical incidents?


3 Teaching and Learning Strategies


Was the teaching style suited to the Pupil's learning style and current ability?

Was the Pupil encouraged to analyse problems and take responsibility for their learning?

Were oportunites and examples used to clarify learning outcomes?

Was any technical information given to Pupil comprehensive, accurate and appropriate?

Was the Pupil given appropriate and timely feedback during the lesson?

Did the PDI maintain an appropriate non-discriminatory manner throughout the lesson?


4 Review


This area provides the Examiner a chance to review the lesson as a whole and the marking. Also to check that the requirements around "Risk Management" have been met.

Our Part 3 Course


Our Part 3 course will help the PDI understand the requirements in a relaxed learning environment, with a focus on Core skills of identification of faults and how to rectify them with the pupil actively involved. An understanding of "Coaching" and "Client centred learning".

What is meant by "Risk management", Learning styles and how to identify them, Teaching, and working with the PDI to develop the required skill set to qualify as an ADI.

We tailor our course around the PDi's needs and time constraints where possible, Our training aids are clear, interactive and progress logs are used to facilitate the learning process. Any prior learning and teaching experience would be an advantage, however, is not a prerequisite nor bar to qulaification.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

We  provide a confidential service to our clients and are frquently asked for advice and guidance from both PDI and ADI alike.

Be assured that we will give honest feedback and evaluation even if we haven't facilitated all of your training.


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