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Developing Hazard
A change in a situation involving another road user that will cause you change speed, direction or stop.

The differential unit is part of the transmission system and its job is to allow the inside driven wheel to turn slower when cornering. This allows for the fact that the outside wheel has further to travel and so needs to rotate faster in order to let the vehicle corner smoothly.

Disabilities and the Driving test
When applying for a driving test, anything that may have an effect on the running of the test must be declared on the application form. For example, this could be that the candidate is deaf or has difficulty walking into the Driving Test Centre. This allows the examiner to prepare, if necessary, for any changes to the usual procedure followed. More time can be allocated if required or arrangements made to meet the candidate in the car park if wheelchair access is a problem. Apart from these procedural differences, a disabled person will take exactly the same test as everyone else and the same criteria for passing will be applied. All of the other rules regarding people accompanying the test remain the same, as does the requirement to remove any dual accelerator. Should a candidate pass the test using a specially adapted vehicle, the examiner will note the adaptations on the Pass Certificate (D10). This information does not appear on the driver's licence. The number and type of adaptations available are considerable, items such as: · Steering ball for one-handed operation of the steering wheel. · Hand operated (push pull T-bar) brake and accelerator Left side accelerator pedal · Infrared remote control, usually mounted on the same bracket as the steering ball, for indicators, wipers, lights and horn. Extra mirrors, essential if the driver is unable to take a direct observation through the rear window when reversing. The vehicle may also be adapted in certain ways. Power steering can be made ultra light and brake pedal effort considerably reduced. Manual gearbox cars can be adapted to semi-automatic mode so that gears are still changed using a gear lever, but do not require the operation of the clutch pedal by the driver.

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Driving Vehicle Standards Agency - responsible for regulating the ADI register and L tests.