Negative Transfer

When old learning conflicts with the new learning For example, you will commonly hear the words ".... my last instructor didn't say that...". Such situations must be handled with care so as not to confuse the pupil altogether.


What the pupil should be able to do by the end of the teaching period These must be set at the beginning of any session of tuition, so that the pupil clearly understands what is expected of them. 

Open junction 

A junction where the view to the right and left is clear on the approach. This could mean treating the junction similar to a left or right turn.

Open Questions

Those with several possible answers Generally, any question starting with "who", "what", "where", "when", "why" or "how", is an open question. The advantage of this type of question is twofold: 1. It makes the pupil think of a fuller answer to the question 2. It means that you don't have to ask so many questions to achieve the same result. 


Official Register of Driving Instructor Training


Power Assisted Steering


Potential Driving Instructor


The interpretation of information collected by the senses. The brain gives meaning to sensory information by comparing it to previous experience or knowledge


Prepare, Observe, Manoeuvre – routine used to help remember the sequence for moving away.


A means of changing gears while sustaining revs (applying gas when de-clutched to prevent power loss useful when travelling uphill)

Potential Hazard

A situation involving another road user that may cause you to change speed, direction or stop.


Preset Test for the Part III Test of instructional ability (old method of testing)

Psychomotor Domain

Physical skills. This is the part of the brain that is concerned with physical skills. For example: a pupil may know what the clutch pedal does and understands that it should be used in a certain way. However, unless they actually practice the action it takes to control the clutch, they won't be able to use the clutch properly – pretty much in the same way as learning to ride a bike or to kick a football. 

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