Training for PDI's and ADI's

Our Rescue Courses for PDI's and ADI's are designed by trainers with over twenty years experience in the driver training industry. Whether ADI or PDI, we can help with qualification and the Standard Check tests. contact us for advice and help.

Answer these questions:

  • Have you failed a Part 2 ADI Test?
  • Have you failed a Part 3 ADI Test?
  • Are you struggling with assessing the pupil's needs and how to set and agree objectives?
  • Do you understand what the Examiner will mark you on?
  • Do you really understand the "Core Competencies"?
  • Are you struggling with the idea of coaching? How much to help the pupil and how to "share the risk?"
  • Do you know and understand the Standards Check marking sheet?
  • Do you find it difficult to "keep up" with faults?
  • Were you marked down for "Loss of Control" or "Remedial Action"?
  • Concerned about  "Client Centered learning" and "Coaching"?
If you answered "Yes" to questions 1-3 You need our "Rescue course"
         If you answered  "No"  to questions 4 & 5 you need our 
"Rescue Course"                                      

 If you answered.....   Well, you get the picture, importantly, so do we.

Let our experienced trainers help you, find that after just one session you will understand more, and have a better idea of where you are in the process.

If you are serious about qualifying, we are serious about helping you achieve your objective. 

Rescue Assessment Session.

The Session is 3 hours at a cost of £120.00

We will produce a detailed report (we mail this to you) and that one session may pay dividends. A discussion about any further help that you may require and if necessary a short course of sessions.