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Top reasons for failing a Practical Learner driving test!


failed learner test, adidrivertrainingandeducation.com Failed Learner Driving Test?


These common failures for L tests is not exhaustive.

  • Incorrect use of Mirrors    

(Highway Code rule(s) 161)


  • Observations at Junctions.   

 (Highway Code rule(s) 170-172)


  • Incorrect Positioning of the vehicle (before turning right)   

 (Highway Code rule(s) 179-181)


  • Not being aware of, or, giving way to Pedestrians.   

 (Highway Code rule(s) 191-199)


  • Not Moving off Safely.   

 (Highway Code rule(s) 159-169)


  • Reversing Manoeuvres. (control / observations, or, accuracy)   

 (Highway Code rule(s) 200-203)


  • Incorrect use of Signals, (properly, timed, necessary)   

 (Highway Code rule(s) 103-112)


  • Inappropriate use of Speed.  

 (Highway Code rule(s) 124-125, 146)


  • Not using Lane Discipline.   

 (Highway Code rule(s) 133-143) 


  • Not Crossing Traffic Safely.   

 (Highway Code rule(s) 179-181, 



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