Why become a driving Instructor?

Becoming a Driving Instructor:

Being a Driving Instructor opens up many opportunity's and takes you out of that 'nine-to-five' routine giving you the choice to decide what hours you work and 'being your own boss'
Watch out for claims and adverts that promise potential earnings in excess of £500.00 a week; although with a lot of hard work and time given to build a reputation this is achievable, however, it will not happen overnight.
The industry is undergoing changes in training and teaching requirements, and like many other types of work a 'new' way of doing things. New does not mean change for change's sake, it means keeping up with improvements in vehicle technology and enhancements, teaching methods and customer centered learning. Therefore a "new breed of Driving Instructor" is required to replace those Instructors near the end of their teaching careers.
Becoming a Driving Instructor is by no means an easy option and will require commitment and dedication from you to succeed, we will support you in every step of the process. All our Instructors are top grades, ORDIT trained (Official Register of Driving Instructor Training) with over twenty years experience within the industry.

Our Training and Instructor courses:

Our Approved Instructor Training.
All will prepare you for becoming a Driving Instructor. Our courses designed around flexibility where possible,
 around you and your time-frame, whether you want to complete the process quickly 
or over a longer period, we can help you achieve success, 
we try and fit training in with your work commitments and family obligations.
See our course details pages.
ADI Part 2 Course Details  
ADI Part 3 Course Details
We will train you and advise on all practical things involved in running a driving school, from managing a schedule of lessons, retaining pupils, building a reputation and more, We train people to be Driving Instructors not just to pass tests, although initially that may be your focus. our team is dedicated to producing high quality Instructors well equipped for a changing industry.