Why choose us?

Why choose us to train you to become a Driving Instructor?

Making the choice to change what you do as a job or career is difficult, especially so if the choice was not yours, and it can seem a daunting prospect. We know, we did it! And although for us that was some twenty or more years ago, it's a memory that stays with you. After all that time we are still doing something we are passionate about and find it rewarding, and not having regrets about that decision.
Our Company trainers are ORDIT  trained and our Instructors dedicated to training. With our course, we do not "Tie" you into contracts or make you pay up-front for the complete course with gimmicks such as, a return of your fees if you join our school when qualified, nor ask you to sign a twelve month franchise.


Provide several payment options for our courses
Provide material and paperwork that will aid in the study (a down-to-earth material that does not read as though produced by professors)
We use and produce state of the art interactive training aids (see our homepage for information on our exciting new product for Instructors')
Modern up-to-date training vehicles (7 Air bags 70% steel construction))
Structured training sessions
Provide individual training logs and reports that will aid you and us in monitoring progress
Help to guide you through Part 1 -  (we don't expect or want to leave you to it)
Web and mail support
Honest advice and opinions
Build your confidence going forward

Use of our vehicles for tests. A charge of £90.00. (Most tests are booked on a 3hour basis)

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