Fun Advice Integrity Truth Honesty

We are committed to our role of training Drivers, pre test and post test. In managing the risk of navigating the driving environmentWe train with modern driving methods and dual contolled vehicles.

We encourage the use of "Training progress reports"  And use a client centred method (coaching)

We use and develop interactive training aids. With over twenty years experience within the industry, we are well placed to offer support, advice and honest feedback to both the learner driver and ADI and PDI alike.


Covid 19 in car requirements 

During the current "Pandemic" we have introduced a strict routine of PPE use and the sanitising of our vehicles before and after a session of instruction. We require ALL students to wear a suitable face mask during a session. We wear suitable masks too. All areas of the vehicle that are likely for the student to come into contact with are sanitised prior to them entering the vehicle. We ask all students to further sanitise their hands with hand gel provided in car. We take our duty of care for our customers seriously and expect the same from them,  Should an individual not wish to comply with these practices we reserve the right to cancel that session. No refunds for the session will  be given.

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