Motorway Driving Lessons 

(post and pre test)

motorway driving lessons, motorway driving lessons

And for the nervous motorway driver

After a Learner driver passes their 'L' test, the next course we recommend is the Pass Plus course. However, by far the biggest concern for parents and the newly qualified driver, is the 'Motorway', and rightly so. We offer post  test motorway lesson's (see options below) designed specifically for the newly qualified driver.
Although our "Nervous motorway driver session" has attracted those drivers that require their confidence building, so for the person that passed a driving test sometime ago, however never felt comfortable in Motorway driving, this would be an ideal choice. With new legislation it is possible that  pre L test at instructor discretion motorway tuition may be given to a provisional licence holder.
In the West Midlands we are lucky in the fact that we have Motorway access within a short drive, with various junction types with complicated joining options to the relatively simple access types.

Our Motorway sessions cover a range of topics which include:

  • Dealing with Motorway first time nerves
  • Planning a motorway journey
  • Dealing with slip roads, joining and leaving junctions
  • Lane discipline, its importance.
  • Changing lanes, when to and when not to.
  • Overtaking and hold back procedures.
  • Dealing with variable speed limits, and what effects they have.
  • Dealing with motorway signage, signals, over head gantry information. 
  • Understanding fatigue its causes and remedies.
  • Breakdown procedures, some do's and dont's.

Motorway session options

        Option A:

  • 2 hour "nervous driver session"    £80.00

        Option B:

  • 3 hour "post test" driver session   £110.00

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