How long does it take to pass the ADI tests?

Good question, realistically you should expect a time frame of six to nine months however, some complete the process in considerably less. There are some things to consider, firstly the time frame will depend on the amount of commitment you input to the  process and the amount of 'private practice' you do.  We will talk through a tailored timetable with you, we will not push you to complete in any time frame other than yours. We offer all types of training from 'long term' 'Intensive' and 'Semi intensive' courses. You can be assured we will always put you first and advise accordingly. The one thing you can rely on is our commitment and support.  

  What experience do I need to become an instructor?

 The DVSA (Driving & vehicle Standards Agency) stipulates that a PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) have a valid full UK driving licence and that the licence has been held for at least three and a half years. It has no more than six penalty points on the licence. Further, that a DBS (enhanced) (Criminal Records Bureau) check is completed before acceptance on the Driving Instructor Register. Also that you meet the required medical criteria.

  Where do I train to become an ADI?

 Most of our Instructor Training  takes place locally to DVSA Testing Centres, we often advise this because it is where the Tests will be undertaken. Although at times it may be helpful to have a mutually convenient location, in particular with the Part 2 (Advanced Driving) to facilitate all elements of the syllabus being covered more easily. 

Q   Apart from the training costs are there any other costs involved?

Apart from training, your DVSA test fees and should you wish the cost of a Trainee Licence application, and when successful the green fully qualified ADI licence.

Q   Will I be able to do the training around my current job etc.?

Yes. (See first question)

Q   Are the ADI tests difficult to pass?

The tests are set by the DVSA and are meant to make certain that you have reached the required standards in all three areas, Part 1, Theory and HPT (Hazard Perception) Part 2, demonstrating advanced driving techniques and the Part 3, Instructional ability. The DVSA do make sure that these tests are exacting in order to ensure that you are ready for the responsibility of teaching Learner drivers to be safe on the road for life. The DVSA motto is "Safe Driving Fofr Life" - To succeed with any training course, requires hard work, commitment and dedication, but with our help, support and expertise, there is no reason you cannot succeed in passing the tests. 

  Is there any funding available for the course?

We offer various ways of paying for our courses including 'Pay As you Go'  this ensures you know exactly where you are with costs. We also offer 'Block Booking Discounts' (BBD). Job Centre Plus can be contacted to see if funding is available for any of our courses. Welfare to Work Training database which is operated by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). If you would like to enroll on our course, and you think you might be eligible for funding of this nature, you can contact your local Job-Centre Plus. Please note that funding decisions rest with the Job-Centre Plus personnel and are in no way guaranteed.


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