Cadence-Braking also called Pulse-Braking.

A term used for applying and releasing the brake pedal (driver control to counter skidding in the absence of ABS

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter, if fitted, is part of the exhaust system and is fitted in order to reduce harmful emissions.

Closed junction

q junction where the view to either or both sides is very limited on approach due to buildings or hedges. This will usually involve stopping and the selection of first gear. (See Creep and Peep)

Closed Questions

Those with only one correct answer Usually, these can be answered with a simple "Yes" or "No". They are not much use to you as an instructor, because they tell you very little about the pupil's knowledge. For example, you could ask two pupils the question - "Do you know how the clutch works?", and get the same answer - "Yes". But one of those pupils may have only a basic knowledge that needs to be expanded, whilst the other could have a degree in Mechanical n


A method of teaching that is student centred.

Cognative domain

Knowledge. This is the part of the brain that deals with the memory, understanding and the acquisition of factual knowledge. You are using this part of your brain at this precise moment. 


The art of conveying meaning by an interchange of ideas or experience Good communication skills are a must for a driving instructor. Communication can be defined as: the ability to impart knowledge and ideas to cause a change in behavior or attitude.


Continuing Professional Development

Creep & Peep also referred to as Peep & Creep

Using clutch control to creep forward to get a better view at a closed junction where the view is restricted.


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