About Learner driver intensive courses:

Some things to consider about Learner driver intensive courses.
They are NOT for everyone and are not a quick fix solution to "learning", beware of adverts saying "guaranteed pass" and similar statements. Some students may prefer to learn in this way, and will quickly take on-board the vast amount of information required to enable a "Pass" in the Practical Test. Think of it this way, would you be wary of a "Crash Course in Plumbing, Electrics, Book Keeping etc", offering to enable you to become a Plumber, Electrician or Book-keeper in a week or a fortnight? No! I didn't think so. A vehicle in inexperienced hands is a danger to that driver and other road users.
Many Intensive courses make the kind of promise of quick results, as parents would you be worried and concerned if your son or daughter said that they had completed a "crash course" as an electrician, and were going to re-wire a house?
The design of our Intensive courses (such as option 1) is meant to give the Pupil all the basics of driving in a short space of time. Intensive courses may cut down the overall number of lessons required to "Pass the Test" however, they will not produce a "thinking, safety conscious" Young Driver In record time !.

So why do we offer these courses? Well, for example, the University Student at home for the holidays wishing to learn to drive in an area that they are familiar with, or students that feel that the "one lesson a week" process is too long and learning may well be forgotten.

Indeed this is an issue for some learners, in particular those that don't have access to a vehicle for "private practice".
We will discuss the best option with you.
NOTE: The DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) recommends, on average, 47 hours of professional tuition, with at least 20 hours private practice, before being competent to take a practical driving test.

Options for Learner driver Intensive Courses:

Option 1:

Booked in Blocks of 10 Hours. (4 blocks completed over four weeks)
  •  5 Days at 2 hours per day
  •  4 Days at 2.5 hours per day

Cost for each block of 10 lessons paid in full £300.00 

Total cost if 2 blocks of 10 paid in full £600.00

Option 2:

Booked in blocks of 20 Hours (2 blocks completed over two weeks) 
  •  5 Days at 4 hours per day
  •  4 Days at 5 hours per day
  •  3 Days at 6.5 hours per day (day three 7 hours)

Total cost if 2 blocks of 20 paid in full £1200.00       (Discounts are available conditions apply)


These courses and costs based on DVSA statistics for learning to drive, all students learn at differing levels to aquire knowledge or skills. Because of this, where course payment is 'paid in full', any residual pre-paid lessons left in the "lesson bank", used as a full or part payment for a "Pass Plus" course, or Motorway tuition; with potential saving on those all important costs on insurance. Our terms and conditions apply as normal.

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