ADI training costs Part 2


Part 2 costs

Part 2 consists of 4 modules (use link here for details of each module) 
ADI Part 2 Course Details


Module 1.

Assement of current standards ~ £180.00


Module 2.

Review and all manoeuvres ~ £180.00



Evaluation and review and speed control, motorway and rural roads ~ £180.00


Module 4.

Review progress and full mock test ~ £180.00


Total Cost

If modules booked individually ~ £720.00


Total Cost

If all modules are booked, and paid a discounted cost ~ £720.00 will apply.

(Discount saving! £35.00 off indivdually booked modules)




The Part 2 training course is carried out in our modern training vehicles 
(Our vehicles have 7 Airbags and steel construction)
We follow the complete DSA syllabus for Part 2.
 The training areas and meeting points we use are around DSA Testing Centers, 
to facilitate the syllabus. 
Occasionally we will arrange a different meeting point
 to enable other areas of training, such as "rural" speed work.




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