These top tips for learner drivers here will help you in your driving lessons  and private practice.
Personal Tips:
  • Concentrate, make sure that your mobile phone is completely off or at the least on silent, (preferably don't take it)
  • Make certain you wear comfortable clothing
  • Be on time don't rush to your lessons, if you are aware of a problem then contact your Instructor
  • Don't expect too much of yourself, students learn better with consistent effort and regular sessions
  • Be sure to complete work set by your Instructor
  • When on "private practice" don't get into debates with the person supervising you, things have changed with time, remember that your Instructor is teaching you with modern methods of driving.
    Driving Tips:
  • Until you are certain if you think that you may have missed a road sign, then "lampposts" could mean a 30 mph speed limit unless signed otherwise
  • Look for signs consistently when driving, particularly at junctions where a different speed for the new road might be posted, 
  • Remember that "speed limits" are just that, a limit, not a target.
  • An occasional glance at your speedometer will help you keep to speed limits (glance NOT stare)
  • Use of mirrors, check in pairs when appropriate, think of the main reason that you are checking, safety!, a really good way to use them is ask yourself the question "Is it safe?" The centre mirror as the "Is it..." part of the question and the appropriate door mirror the "" part.
  • Try not to be too heavy footed, use the feet controls smoothly and progressively
  • Don't attempt to do everything at once, a lot of driving is repetitious and you will need time to "bed" this in
  • Remember to ask your Instructor to Demonstrate something if you are not sure what to do
  • Keep your head up, think of your eyes like the "Headlights", drive with your eyes on "BEAM" not "DIPPED"
  • Learn to be confident in your driving, however the best advice is 
  • If in doubt, Don't Do it"
    Best tips for Learner drivers:
  • Have, Regular structured lessons
  • Have, Regular "private practice" where possible, if not then consider increasing your lesson frequency or length of lesson.
  •  Cost effective in the long-term!

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