'Disqualified Driver' test or extended test refresher course.

You can be disqualified for various reasons, this re-test may be longer than a normal L test, it depends on several factors. Whether you are categorised as disqualifed until "test pass" or "extended test pass" we can help you. You MUST apply for a new provisional driving licence and pass the theory test before you can take a re-test. The duration of the 'extended test' is approximately 70 minutes, the normal driving test is approximtely 40 minutes long.
The "extended test" has no tricks or traps and like a learner you will have to demonstrate to an Examiner that you can drive on a variety of roads and in all types of traffic and road conditions safely with due regard to other road users. As the L test you may accumulate no more than 15 minor faults in your driving, the test is the same except the longer time-frame is meant to make it more demanding. You will be expected to complete successfully one of the following: Driving over to the right hand side of the carriageway stopping close to the kerb, reverse the car back several car lengths and then re-joining normal traffic flow when it is safe to do so.  Either bay parking by driving into a designated bay and reversing out safely, or reversing into a bay and driving out safely following any signs and marking within the car park. On the road (parallel park) may still be a choice and as all other manoeuvres carried out with effective observation, accuracy and control.
The new element of the test that you may not be familiar with is the "independent driving" This will consist of following a designated course for approximately twenty minutes. "Also the New Drivers Act" will apply to you? That is you may not accumulate more than 6 penalty points on your new licence within a period of 2 years. If you do then you would have to apply for a new provisional licence and retake the theory and practical test.
We can help you up-date your driving skills including new methods that you may not be very familiar with, block changing gears UP the box, eco-friendly driving etc.

 LET US HELP YOU TO REQUALIFY  -    and get that licence back!

Disqualified driver course options:

  • Option 1.

        Two hour assessment drive and training.    £80.00

  • Option 2.

         Five 2 hour sessions    £400.00

  • Option 3.

       Ten 2 hour sessions    £800.00

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