We offer and produce driving courses under our title "special" these courses are designed with input from our customer's needs and requirements and most are based on the course below. We can arrange a discussion with one of our Principal Trainers to tailor a driving course around you.
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Passing your driving test was, or, should be the beginning of a life long learning process. Recent surveys suggest that when asked, most drivers thought that if they had to re-test today that they probably WOULDN'T pass!!!. Are you one of them? 
Lots of Agency's are pushing for new legislation, not only for newly qualified drivers, but the Full Licence Holder as well. 
New rules in force for 'Driver's eyesight' giving the Police the ability to "suspend" licences with "immediate effect", if, when there is doubt over the driver's ability to meet the eyesight standards, do you know what the requirements are?

Note: If you wish we can work with you in your own vehicle with this course.

(The vehicle must be fully insured, current MOT certificate if applicable, and available for inspection)
 As part of our commitment to Road Safety, you may wish to take our 

Driver supervision session (ask us for details)

With our courses you can: learn techniques such as:

  • All weather driving, how to avoid accidents with better planning skills.
  • Extending your driving skills, learn about 'speed control' and forces acting on the car
  • Learning about 'commentary driving' and the benefits
  • Changing any 'bad habits' that you may have acquired
  •  Increasing your confidence
  • Learning about improving your concentration
  • Improve your motorway skills
  • Learn and understand about 'defensive driving'
And much more.

These courses are designed around individual client needs.

We can design a course specifically for you with prices starting from £100.00 up to ? (Tell us what you require and we will cost it out for you)