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 Failed Several Learner Driving Tests?


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The issue of failed tests is more common than you think.

So you are not alone in failing tests. That's the good news, now, the bad....


Sorry there isn't any bad news!


A failure on test can have multiple causes, let's have a look at some of the typical reasons that we often hear when students come to our school after perhaps three or four failed tests.


  • "The examiner was an idiot!" (not so, Examiner's are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge gained over many years of dedicated study and "being tested themselves")
  • " I wouldn't have done that normally"
  • "I wasn't familiar with that junction"
  • "I don't understand why I failed, I always use my mirrors"
  • "The other driver should have given way to me"
  • "It's my nerves, I just go to pieces"
Any of this sound familiar?
Whatever the "reason" we can help you!
We will take you on an assessment drive (not a test) work with you to determine what the issue (s) are. 
We promise to give you honest feedback based on our "extensive experience" 
and devise a lesson plan for you. 
This may be of no more than a few hours 'remedial' (read that as HELPFUL) instruction.
Whatever the issue is we can help.
Contact us for a chat with one of our trainers, we will call you back, 
or mail us if you prefer.




Contact us, we can help!  


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