Our learner driver beginner's courses are designed around the pupil's requirements.
Our course will get you driving much sooner than you think, we will lead you Step-by Step through the in car learning process
 with our patented hand outs and progress records.
 Videos of lessons can be arranged for a small fee, so you can watch them back at your leisure.

Already have some Experience?

For those with some prior experience the Development course will enable you to pick up where you left off, building on your current skill set and knowledge.

we use the five elements of teaching. What to do, Where to do it, When to do it, How to do it and importantly Why you do it.

Our instructors believe in a client centred learning experience and we endeavour to make our learning sessions informative and fun. No judgemental attitudes will be found here, but you will find patience, guidence, and encouragement.

Confidence or lack of it?

We recognise that not every pupil will be a "natural" learning to drive can be, for some, a daunting experience and stressful. Our confidence builder part of the course will help.
We will tailor our course around your confidence level, never throwing you into the deep end, together we will overcome any issues that you have and fulfill that dream of passing that driving test. Our "Confidence Builder" may be for you.
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Now more than ever on our road network, the management of driving risk is perhaps the most important element of driving. As experienced Instructors we are well aware that teaching the risk management of driving to our pupils will give them the best chance of not becoming another statistic.  With that in mind let's look at some of the findings:

Gender Men:
Were involved in a greater number and more severe traffic accidents. Among the 16-20 and 21-24 age groups, the male population-based fatality rates were observed to be more than twice as high as those rates for females. 
Men were more likely to have a traffic accident caused by violations. The odds of an at-fault crash decreased almost twice as fast for women as for men, per year. Incurred violations sooner and had about twice the risk of committing an offence, in any given year. Were 3 times more likely to report driving after drinkingWere less likely to use seat-belts and made up the majority of aggressive drivers.
Gender Women: 
Were more likely to be involved in crashes as a result of perceptual or judgemental errors (due to specific problems in the area of spatial perception and orientation) therefore tended to have more incidents of low speed impact incidents. Driving confidence is generally lower in women. 
Let us help develop your driving ability and risk management, contact us for an in depth discussion of your requirements today.