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adidrivertrainingandeducation.com why choose us Learner Driver.


 Why choose our Driving School to train yo




  • Provide several payment options for our courses.
  • We use and produce state of the art interactive training aids and progress records  
  •                                      (see  Homepage)
  • Modern up-to-date training vehicles (With 7 airbags and 70% steel construction  
  •                                            (see Our Cars)
  • Structured training sessions including help with theory and hazard perception tests.
  • Provide individual training logs and reports that will aid you and us in monitoring progress
  • Web and mail support
  • Honest advice and opinions
  • Build your confidence going forward, and....

If you have trained and booked one of our complete courses, 

If you have listened to our advice about test readines we know that you will have more chance of a successful outcome.



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