With any new learning process if you have an idea of what is required and you can reference a picture showing  it, then you can refer to it whenever you need to.

Reference Points that you find here are useful as "guidance" and will differ slightly from driver-to-driver, always be guided by your Trainer, who has vast experience doing this on a daily basis. As you progress through the Part 2 process you will find that you rely less and less on reference points as your ability to "just do it" begins to develop. Like most things repetition "beds" things into the memory, new pathways are established in the brain for easy access to the required information, eventually being relegated to the sub-conscious level. That is the "danger" time when things become automatic.

Constant vigilance and concentration is needed when driiving to manage the risk for yourself and others, being "consciously competent" always!

Commentary driving and talking yourself through everything will embed this process for you, you will fnd this invaluable on progression to Part 3; where you will need to "Guide" your "Pupil" through the process.

 some useful photos for guidance: